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Xpert Omatic - pH Meter شراء في دبيّ‎
    Xpert Omatic - pH Meter شراء في دبيّ‎
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    Xpert Omatic - pH Meter شراء في دبيّ‎
    شراء Xpert Omatic - pH Meter
    Xpert Omatic - pH Meter

    Xpert Omatic - pH Meter

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    •  اسم العلامة التجاريةXPERT OMATIC
    • بلد المنشاالصين
    • ✔ FACTORY PRE-CALIBRATED PH METER WITH FAST AND ACCURATE RESULTS - Xpert Omatic PH Meters are factory pre-calibrated which after further calibration with ph buffer solution provides the FASTEST and ACCURATE results compare to all other ph meters in the market.

    • ✔ AUTO CALIBRATION BUTTON along with pH buffer solution powders helps you to calibrate pH Meter in complete frustration free mode even your kids can calibrate it to check PH levels of your swimming pool, water, food, hydroponics, brewing beer, urine or anything very instantly.

    • ✔ FRUSTRATION FREE DESIGN helps you to operate Xpert Omatic PH Meters friendly as they are ✔ SUPER EASY TO USE. No matter what your liquid is or whether if you are new or experienced user. Just Turn it on, dip into the liquid and monitor the ph reading with our extra-large LED display with backlight.

    • ✔ BONUS PACKAGE - 1 Leather Pouch, 6 Extra PH Buffer Powder Solution for Calibration Purpose, 2 PH Test Strips, Alkaline Food Chart (PDF will be emailed after purchase), Guidelines for Safe Recreational Water Environments (PDF will be emailed after purchase) - ALL WORTH OF $14.59 ITEMS (ABSOULTELY FREE)

    • ✔ ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR YOUR ALL NEEDS - Xpert Omatic PH Meter is ideal for household, laboratory such as for ph testing for water, pool, soil water, aquarium, RO system, spa, aquaponics, and hydroponics.✔ Our highly dedicated team is always available even in case you need any support after purchase.

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    Xpert Omatic - pH Meter
    Xpert Omatic - pH Meter
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