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Indian Restaurant(ASHA)  اطلب في دبيّ‎
    Indian Restaurant(ASHA)  اطلب في دبيّ‎
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    Indian Restaurant(ASHA)  اطلب في دبيّ‎
    طلب Indian Restaurant(ASHA)
    Indian Restaurant(ASHA)

    Indian Restaurant(ASHA)

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     ASHA is an Indian fine dining restaurant, and it is owned by popular singer in India named Asha Bhosle, Bhosle is a musical talent and culinary expert.

    Over the years, I refined my musical talents along with my culinary interests and seriously attempted to learn the diversity in Indian food, which changes from region to region. India is the land of countless releigions, cultures, languages, dialects and taste buds, and my attempt to give you a glimpse of a few regional dishes here at Asha's only scratches the surface of the vast potential of Indian cuisine. The menu is inspired by the offerings of great chefs, that I have meet over the years and I sincerely hope that you, your family and friends share in my family secrets and enjoy the recipes of heart.
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    Indian Restaurant(ASHA)
    Indian Restaurant(ASHA)
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